57th Annual Mathlete Sum-It
(Formerly Numbers Nerds)

Licensed by Theatrical Rights Worldwide

TRU Workshop 2016
ITA Community Theatre Festival 2016
CMTF 2016

"Get ready Disney because Numbers Nerds is likely to be your next hit. Created in response to the call for more female roles available in the school and community theater circuit, this show succeeds in every way...David Kornfeld’s music is upbeat and makes the grade." -TIMES SQUARE CHRONICLES

"The songs are the stand-out in Numbers Nerds. They do what great show tunes do – express a character’s inner emotional state in a way that allows the audience to feel what they’re feeling. Numbers Nerds definitely succeeds in its mission, and will be a staple in the high school and college repertory for the foreseeable future." -FRONT ROW CENTER

"Our ears and minds are richly rewarded with the songs by Alex Higgin-Houser (lyrics) and David Kornfeld (music)...Indeed, the many elements in Numbers Nerds “add up” to a terrific little musical that others of its ilk can’t equal." -NITE LIFE EXCHANGE


Underscore Theatre 2016 –
Jeff award NomineE:
    -Best New Musical
    -Best Lighting

“Kornfeld, whose prospects are exceptionally bright, is headed to New York this fall. I suspect I’ll be writing his name again...This is a very accomplished suite of songs." - CHRIS JONES, CHICAGO TRIBUNE ★★★

"The score for “Haymarket” is a real beauty, with everything from songs designed to marshal the masses, to sophisticated love songs, to the mocking “Order of the Gallows” (when the women whose husbands are imprisoned pin symbolic nooses to their lapels). Riffs from “La Marseillaise” are tossed in for good measure, too. I can’t deny I’d like to hear it all again…There is so much heart and truth in this production” -HEDY WEISS, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

"This is a story not only of historical significance but one with a sweep and grandeur worthy of musical theater. There’s the political struggle and violence of Les Mis, the rigged trial of a Scottsboro Boys, the class consciousness and racial struggles of Ragtime...Kornfeld’s melodies and harmonies have the simpler structures of folk music of the era but are lovely and accessible, while Higgin-Houser provides very solid and frequently funny lyrics...A very significant show" -JOHN OLSON, CHICAGO THEATRE BEAT ★ ★ ★

"One of the finest new musicals mounted on a Chicago stage in years!...Haymarket is proof positive that the American musical is, indeed, in good hands!...Sparkling...This show has so much promise – don’t miss it!” -CHICAGO CRITIC

"The music in the second act is outstanding. It goes from one strong number to another...One of the other things that’s very powerful about The Anarchist’s Songbook is the use that the show makes of relevant musical traditions. So there’s singing that evokes the male German chorale style of singing, there’s a lot of string folk associated with the labor movement, there’s accordion music which goes with the sort of Irish and Polish members of the working class, and I just found that exceptionally thoughtful and powerful as we tell a story, because we have tendency to think about the working class as a single entity, and this musical olio evokes the multiplicity of people and kinds of people who were involved in the’s a very lilting score, a very lovely score, and particularly apt for the show." -THE DUELING CRITICS

"People who would like [Haymarket] are people who like awesome women of the noose, circus trials, and dynamite. I think people should definitely go see this show. It was a super fascinating story and I hope everyone will go see it." -ADA GREY

"Melodies are infectious and spot on" -PERFORMINK

"Glimpses of greatness abound." -CHICAGO READER

ACT Spring Musical Theatre Intensive 2017
Midwest Fringe Circuit 2010 [as Grind: the (Coffee Shop, Comic Book) Musical]

"The only thing that’s wrong with Grind: The Musical is that there isn’t time for more of it...stunning...a hell of a lot of fun." -TWIN CITIES DAILY PLANET ★★★★1/2

"A neatly packaged homage to the wide variety of creativity and human interaction that (forgive the expression) percolates daily in coffee shops around the world. Also, from the dinging of the bell over the invisible shop door to the funny coffee references in the script to the hand-lettered “practice encouraged” sign taped to the electric piano to the paint-spattered barista aprons to the dramatic red and blue lighting design to the exaggerated Minnesotan accent of one of the cameo characters, the show is filled with pleasures for fans of theatre craft. Also, my first down-my-face tears at the 2010 IndyFringe came during a song in this show when Coco and her brother, Dylan, remember their parent’s deaths and re-affirm their gratitude and support for each other." -INDY THEATRE HABIT

"Grind: The Musical works, thanks to a score that's a mashup of Broadway, beat-boxing, spoken word and spirituals...keeps us laughing and listening and sends the audience out with a smile." -PIONEER PRESS

"The musical score is beautifully orchestrated and, most of the time, actually played by David Kornfeld who is also the character Dylan in the show. He pulled off being an actor, accompanist, and writer without missing a beat." -STANFORD PERKINS

CMTF 2015
Underscore Theatre 2013 [as pr0ne: the casting couch musical comedy]

"The young writers succeed in saying something and being an authentic voice of their generation...We must admire the guts and sheer abandon of the young Underscore Theatre Company in creating this frequently entertaining, intentionally outrageous and subversive original musical...In telling [Jessie's] story, Pr0ne explores porn with an uninhibited and raunchy honesty...For its two hours of stage time, [the] writers...set new records for explicit gross-out humor in a musical comedy not written by someone with 16 years of a hit Comedy Central TV series on their resume. But like The Book of Mormon’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Pr0ne’s take musical theater conventions and use them to subversive ends." -CHICAGO THEATRE BEAT ★★★

Underscore Theatre 2012
Carleton College 2008

"The music is engaging and original." -CHICAGO THEATRE BEAT

"On the surface, the music is catchy, clever, and endearing. Though these are all wonderful qualities, the songs contain more under the surface than their unpretentious air readily divulges." -COMPOSER ALEKSANDR BRUSENTSEV

Underscore Theatre 2013
Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Sins Festival, 2013

"This is literally the best thing I've ever seen." -NEW YORK TIMES

"Totally worth the $199 ticket price plus $5 service fee. In fact, you should give them a tip." -A REAL PERSON

"I felt so bad for these rich kids that I quit the movement." -(FORMER) OCCUPY WALL STREET ACTIVIST

"Who are you? How did you get this number?" -HAROLD PRINCE

Other compositions which have been recorded, performed, or received awards or recognition.

Incidental Theatre Music


  • Upcoming Year One album by the Hip Young Gunslingers Big Band features "Centipede," "Dis Position," and my 2010 ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Showcase Finalist, "¡Levántate!"

  • Don't Touch That Dial (Commissioned for "Beyond The Hype" podcast by Megan Hafner)

  • Sixty Years Young